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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pusat Sains Negara

Hiya Team ,

Well , its been some time since the last post ( what else is new ? :) ) And i got my timeline all mixed up . Anyway ... last holiday eve , the family went down to KL to visit our Pusat Sains Negara and it was a pleasant visit despite the bad weather in KL ... A view of a Giant Wau at the ceiling inside .. :)

We were pleasantly greeted by a large aquarium spanning the entry tunnel to the exhibits . No Sharks this time tho . Just the freshwater variants ...

So many exhibits to visit inside but the kids loved the Prehistorics Section , with caves , dinasours and all . And yes we are still arguing whether that dinasour in the picture is a Volaceraptor or a Diynonichus ( did i get the spelling right ? ) But i strongly suspects Aimi is right cause he can name every species and sub species of dinasours and can recite their name backwards while palying his PS2 .... duhh ... :)

The kids also gets to play Paleontologist with the fossil's exhibits . By the way , as at August 2007 , Aimi still wants to be a Paleontologist when he grows up .... hmmmm ...

All in all the family had much fun and the next target will be to visit KLCC Aquaria in the next school holidays ...

Ok peeps , thats all for now , catch you all later .... :)


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