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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pusat Sains Negara

Hiya Team ,

Well , its been some time since the last post ( what else is new ? :) ) And i got my timeline all mixed up . Anyway ... last holiday eve , the family went down to KL to visit our Pusat Sains Negara and it was a pleasant visit despite the bad weather in KL ... A view of a Giant Wau at the ceiling inside .. :)

We were pleasantly greeted by a large aquarium spanning the entry tunnel to the exhibits . No Sharks this time tho . Just the freshwater variants ...

So many exhibits to visit inside but the kids loved the Prehistorics Section , with caves , dinasours and all . And yes we are still arguing whether that dinasour in the picture is a Volaceraptor or a Diynonichus ( did i get the spelling right ? ) But i strongly suspects Aimi is right cause he can name every species and sub species of dinasours and can recite their name backwards while palying his PS2 .... duhh ... :)

The kids also gets to play Paleontologist with the fossil's exhibits . By the way , as at August 2007 , Aimi still wants to be a Paleontologist when he grows up .... hmmmm ...

All in all the family had much fun and the next target will be to visit KLCC Aquaria in the next school holidays ...

Ok peeps , thats all for now , catch you all later .... :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Good To Be Back ... :-)

Hi all ,

Its been sometime since the last posts . And now i'm back with so much to tell . So many things that we've done , so many places we've visited . Hopefully i'll be able to do this regularly from now on ...

Ohh and thats the seaside hole at The Datai , Langkawi , 19th Hole ( Signature Hole ) . And with the wind blowing steadily from The Andaman Sea , this is a challenging hole indeed ... ok peeps , until later .. have a good one .. :-)

Best regards ,

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Sg Petani Speed Champ Challenge !!

Hot after winning the title at Alor Setar , Aimi is anxious to give his best shot at the Speed Champ Competition in Sg Petani , which is around an hour's drive from Alor Setar . We don't want to be called "jaguh kampung" and we're eager to prove our mettle in Sg Petani where the competiton is expected to be tougher than in Alor Setar .... Below is the track in SP Parade ...

As usual , our strategy is to enter two racer , Aimi being the primary racer and Aizan will play the support backup role . Total competitor for the day is around 18 persons , mostly local chinese boys from Sg Petani , and Nur Aizan is the ONLY GIRL that took part in the competiton !! Go Aizan !!! :-)

Competition is fierce with the crowds going rowdy at times ( the parents mostly - haha ) The addition of loud music at times adds to the suspense of the competition .....

After setting aside all the other competitor easily , Muhammad Aimi becomes the First Ever , Speed Champ Champion of Sg Petani !! Congrats to all !! And of course , i myself is the Undisputed Winner of the "Constructor Championship" as Aimi's Speed Champ racer is built from scratch by me ..... :-)

A very satisfying outing for the family , and below finally , the picture of the actual Speed Champ Racer used by Aimi to win both the competition in Alor Setar and Sg Petani ... until next time , take care !! :-)

PS : Even tho it doesn't look like much , its the Champion !! ( The cellophane tapes are just for effects ... it makes the competitor underestimate us .. hahahahaha ):-)

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Momentous Speed Champ Competition !

It was an overcast Friday morning in Alor Setar , the date is 7th July 2006 . Today is a big day for Aimi and Aizan cause today is the day of the first ever , Speed Champ Competition in Alor Setar . For the uninitiated , a speed champ racer is like an "akira" motorbike ( from the legendary Japanese Anime - Akira ) which is played / raced around a specialised track built specifically for this type of racer . The competition venue is at Star Parade , alor setar which is situated right smack in the middle of town ...

At 3:00 pm , the venue is already full of particapants and families members eager to witness the competition . The air is full of tension as participants sampled the track that is going to be used for the competition . The pic of the competition track as per above ...

Aimi will be the main racer for our family and Aizan is going to act as the backup racer . Aimi's racer have been modified to the maximum allowed within the rules , while Aizan's racer , sadly is just the standard edition . :p

As the competition starts , its clear that Aimi is one of the favorites even tho his racer is one of the most "unattractive" ones around due to the broken up cover ( which we sealed up using a cloth tape ) anyways , it is a "speed" competition , not a beauty pageant ... :p

After defeating 9 other contestants , Aimi finally emerges as the First Ever , Speed Champ Champion For Alor Setar !!! :p It was a hard fought win and the Legend of Aimi , the Speed Champ Racer , has begun .... congrats to all !!

PS : The family will be going to Sungai Petani on next Sunday to participate in the Speed Champ race is over there !! Will keep everyone posted ... :-)

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