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Monday, July 10, 2006

The Momentous Speed Champ Competition !

It was an overcast Friday morning in Alor Setar , the date is 7th July 2006 . Today is a big day for Aimi and Aizan cause today is the day of the first ever , Speed Champ Competition in Alor Setar . For the uninitiated , a speed champ racer is like an "akira" motorbike ( from the legendary Japanese Anime - Akira ) which is played / raced around a specialised track built specifically for this type of racer . The competition venue is at Star Parade , alor setar which is situated right smack in the middle of town ...

At 3:00 pm , the venue is already full of particapants and families members eager to witness the competition . The air is full of tension as participants sampled the track that is going to be used for the competition . The pic of the competition track as per above ...

Aimi will be the main racer for our family and Aizan is going to act as the backup racer . Aimi's racer have been modified to the maximum allowed within the rules , while Aizan's racer , sadly is just the standard edition . :p

As the competition starts , its clear that Aimi is one of the favorites even tho his racer is one of the most "unattractive" ones around due to the broken up cover ( which we sealed up using a cloth tape ) anyways , it is a "speed" competition , not a beauty pageant ... :p

After defeating 9 other contestants , Aimi finally emerges as the First Ever , Speed Champ Champion For Alor Setar !!! :p It was a hard fought win and the Legend of Aimi , the Speed Champ Racer , has begun .... congrats to all !!

PS : The family will be going to Sungai Petani on next Sunday to participate in the Speed Champ race is over there !! Will keep everyone posted ... :-)


Blogger Na said...

Wah! Bagus le Aimi, ini kena ajar James nie. Congrats Aimi, the first speed champion!

3:21 PM  
Blogger asri said...

LoL ,

Inside the winning hamper , there's a lot of racing cars (remote controlled) One will find its way to James Shukri very soon !!! :-)

regards ,

4:23 PM  
Blogger Junita said...

wa.... aimi...i'm so proud of u..
my hero....hehe...ahaks
this is august already ma...
wats the result in SP race????
update! update!

9:57 AM  
Blogger asri said...

Ju ,

Dah update dah !! :-)

1:16 PM  

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