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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Good To Be Back ... :-)

Hi all ,

Its been sometime since the last posts . And now i'm back with so much to tell . So many things that we've done , so many places we've visited . Hopefully i'll be able to do this regularly from now on ...

Ohh and thats the seaside hole at The Datai , Langkawi , 19th Hole ( Signature Hole ) . And with the wind blowing steadily from The Andaman Sea , this is a challenging hole indeed ... ok peeps , until later .. have a good one .. :-)

Best regards ,


Blogger TedungS said...

tu dia aih, quite sometime mende tu dekat2 setahun

oit main kat datai nampak..? jeles aku jeles!!

5:18 PM  

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